Bathroom Cabinets

Make Your Bathroom Cabinets Last Longer With These Tips

bathroom cabinets

It is important for your bathroom to have cabinets. The cabinets can be found on the toilet or the sink, and their function is held hygiene products like toiletries or medicine. You should not underestimate the importance of these cabinets as we use them in our daily life in organizing our lives. The following are tips to make these cabinets last for long.


bathroom cabinetThe bathroom cabinets should be made from durable materials to ensure they last for long especially in a home with young kids. Pine wood is soft woods that can be used to make beautiful cabinets, but the problem is the dent and scratch very fast. Small children tend to be more playful, and they can leave a new cabinet looking like a different thing.

You can opt for bamboo or oak because they are durable and less likely to dent which make your cabinets to last for long.

Water Proof

Materials which have an ability can handle humidity in the bathroom are important as you are confident they will last for long. A material that is not able to resist humidity cam warp and expand makes the room to look older. Bamboo is among the material that can withstand moisture with changing size for an extended period.


It is advisable to clean your cabinets especially the ones made from bamboo so that they can last for long. The cleaning process and methods are different depending on the wood that has been utilized to make the cabinets. Harsh chemicals can be used in cleaning some cabinets while materials like bamboo only require water a piece of cloth for wiping. Your cabinets will last for long if properly cleaned and maintained.

Clean Spills Immediatelybathroom cabinets

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most popular areas where spills occur. Letting any liquid spill stay in your cabinet for longer the more it is likely to spoil your wood. If liquid spills are not washed immediately over time, they will form stains and damage your cabinets The cabinets will last long if spills are cleaned immediately and are not left to stay till later in the day for them to be cleaned.

Preventative Checking

It is advisable for one to check regularly on the cabinets to see if there are places that require repairs. If you maintain your cabinets properly, they will stay for long. Minor fixes like tightening the screws, if they are loose to make the hinge strong enough not to fall out which may result to the damage of the cabinet.