Three Most Common Plumbing Emergencies and How to Deal with Them

Plumbing emergencies are issues on a building’s piping that can lead to a severe mess. And as you know, water is a powerful substance. Once a pipe breaks and the water bursts, it can overflow the entire house. Moreover, wastewater leakage can result in more severe consequences. Your home might smell like sewage, and it can be unhabitable as well.

Before we explore further about the three most common plumbing emergency scenarios, you should know that the ultimate solution to all of those is to call a professional plumber. For example, if you happen to be a Bellingham resident, Bellingham Plumbing Pros is a Bellingham emergency plumber who is always ready to help you.

A Clog in the Toilet

A clogged toilet might sound funny. But if you are really in that situation, you’ll know how embarrassing and upsetting it is, especially if you’re in the middle of flushing. Besides, letting the organic wase stay in the toilet can lead the smell to contaminate the indoor air. By imagining that scenario alone, you should’ve understood why a clog in the toilet system is considered as an emergency.

To overcome this problem, you must be prepared with a toilet plunger, a pair of rubber gloves, and a masker. If you notice that the whole mess can be explosive, do not think twice to buy and wear a full-face gas mask and a disposable apron. However, you might consider calling a professional plumber as well, especially if the clogging has happened several times. There might be damage in the pipework.

Broken Water Pipes

a pipe with a valveBroken water pipes can happen anywhere in the house. If it happens in the kitchen, you may not be able to cook there, and your daily activities can be disrupted. Broken water pipes can also be a big problem if it happens in the yard as the water buildup can create lumps in the soil. If the problem goes unnoticed, your plants’ roots can rot from the inside.

For this issue, there will be nothing you can do on your own. Call an emergency plumber immediately so that proper pipe replacement can be installed, and you can continue your life peacefully.

Sewer Water Backup

sewage waterIf you’ve read about this for the first time, you must know that the backup here means the sewage water is pushing back through the drainage system into your home. Imagine a clogged toilet but on a larger scale. Trying to solve this problem on yourself will be futile and will potentially lead to a much more severe mishmash. Besides, the water can be toxic if it comes from your septic tank.

If you smell unpleasant gas, be careful not to light any fire around it. It might be a sign of methane and hydrogen sulfide present in the air. Again, a professional repair is the only proper solution for this problem.